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19 Mar 2018 Android image loading using Glide library, setup, loadig image into ImageView you need to add below dependencies to your app's build.gradle file. To simply load an image to ImageView, call with() method on Glide class 

License, Apache 2.0BSD 2-clause. Categories, Android Packages. HomePage, Date, (Aug 16, 2018). Files, aar (560 KB) 

Permissions in manifest file future = Glide.with(applicationContext) .load(yourUrl) . Minimum SDK Version - Glide requires a minimum SDK from your Glide dependency in your build.gradle file.

21 Nov 2018 Glide will be used to load images in the Android App. The image gallery As stated in Glide documentation, the library focuses mainly on  Description. A fast and efficient image loading library for Android focused on smooth scrolling. You can download jar file glide 4.0.0 in this page. 5 Apr 2017 In Glide cache files names given on the basis of their image URL and are hashed keys so there is i) We can pass configuration parameter in every single load of Glide using

Glide provides cross platform compatibility for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and a wide range of mobile devices which includes Android, iPhone etc.

24 Jul 2018 Glide is an image loading library for Android that's great at providing smooth, efficient It automatically handles memory and file caching. When using WRAP_CONTENT, ImageView tries to load the image in accordance 

5 Jan 2019 Glide is a fast and efficient image loading library for Android focused on And then in the Java file associated to the layout, we can easily load 

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